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You never have to worry about your unproven Online Business Marketing Strategies. I can turn your mess into Success.

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Start up small business owners are always wondering for the right marketing and strategy. We are living in Digital World and all of us have access to the internet and billions of potential clients and customer. The missing thing is the right marketing and effective strategies. The Social media is an art form, and with the right social media marketing solution, every business owners can master it. Social media have different platforms including facebook, twitter, pinterest, googleplus, linkedin, snap chat and so on. Anytime, any day these platforms are always have new updates.

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Right Targeting + Right Marketing is equal to Awesome Results


Identifying and searching your markets.  Who are they, Why do they buy from you.


Determine what needs your product fulfills. Who is most likely to use your products or services. What are their age, gender, geographical location and marital status.


Identifying how you can get your prospects info or emails for leads. These leads will build your customers list.


Getting more clients, customers and build a strong and bonded relationship with them.

Social Media

Building online empire through social media landscape reaches specific audiences differently and uses each outlet to implement a plan that engages your’s most effectively.


Creating amazing web graphics, interface design, webpage layout (including authoring), copywriting, and all over content production. Each of these facets are utilized to encompass your brand’s goals and express its identity.


Helping you develop an email marketing strategy that accounts for your business’s individual points of contact to help garner new and retain old customers.

What Small Business Leaders Says About Jaymar

Integrity, Skill, Implementation is the greatest skill set that Jaymar has.

Jonathan Rexford/Real Estate Investor

  • I write books for living, but I did not have a website. A friend of mine recommended Jaymar. She told me he was one of the best web developers she knew.  I followed her recommendation and hired him. Within one day he had put together a trial site and suggested wonderful ideas of how to proceed. The finished product was beyond my expectation. I am very satisfied with everything. My experience working with Mr. Villamor, I found him to be professional, expeditious, very adroit in his technical skills and above all, a man of his word. When he told me the site would be finished within a week; he got it done in four days. I will employ him any and every time I need computer technical services.

    Thanks Jaymar!

    Qzani Amontkaxi
    Qzani Amontkaxi Book Author
  • “Jaymar Villamor has been a revelation in our social media campaigns"

    Under his principles and guidance we have managed to employ several more virtual assistants which has seen our business explode to a new level.” Under his principles and guidance we have managed to employ several more virtual assistants which has seen our business explode to a new level. Also..his moral groundings and ethics make him the ideal business partner for any business owner looking to take their business forward in the ever changing technological world. Jaymar has what it takes now and into the future as he continues to explore new methods to increase social activity.

    Thanks Jaymar!

    John Kennedy
    John Kennedy C'Founder of Kitopia Club
  • Jaymar worked for me as social media marketer since last Nov. 2013. I found him to be a hundred percent  reliable, honest and of good moral character person.  He is competent, in his dealings with clients, staff, and people in his area of responsibility.  He has honed his skills in different social media apps and in  project management with his previous and current clients. He is excellent in landing pages, conversions, podcast.  He also trains virtual assistants  on  a regular basis, therefore making updates on the current trends on social media and internet business a part of his discipline.  Surely you can trust him with a minimum or less supervision;  which means he can work independently on whatever work you have agreed upon to finish.

    I pray that Jaymar would be a blessing to you and all your endeavors:))

    Rowena De Chavez
    Rowena De Chavez Certified Public Accountant
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