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Teaching Individuals to build their Online Career through Leadership

The best way to predict the future is to Create.  Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

I love to work with amazing, dreamer, and goal achiever Professionals. I started without nothing, but I have full of eagerness to learn. I have some friends asking me how I started, how to work online, how to work as a Virtual Professional, what are the skills needed and the right mindset to work with clients.

I teach them all what they need to know, what they need to do  and till now they are still doing it. I’m so happy because some of them now was working as a Virtual Professional and building their online career.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, It’s about what you inspire to do. Get The Effective Tips, Updates, Tools And Strategy below.

Amazing Professionals Thoughts

  • Grace jhoy Sombrano
    Grace jhoy Sombrano Social Media Manager

    I Highly recommend Jaymar. He has all of the skills and experience that you’re looking for. he’s very confident that he would be a great help in your company. he’s passionate to help every business owners.

  • Rodgenn Laurenciano Gen. Virtual Professional

    Jaymar Villamor is productive and hard working. He always help us and teach us in the work and sharing his knowledge as a Virtual Assistant. He can finish the work on time. He had a good skills and experience about creating website and other social media tools. He can do all the jobs that you will assign.

  • Eleaza Rose Devilleres
    Eleaza Rose Devilleres Gen. Virtual Professional

    Jaymar is very hard working. He finish his task on time. Sometimes, he did not go to sleep just to finish the task that assigned to him. He also think outside the box. He suggest every time that idea comes up on his mind.

  • Leandro Sabado
    Leandro Sabado Podcast Audio Editor/Gen. Virtual Professional

    Jaymar is a helpful and resourceful Virtual Professional. I admire him for being industrious in gaining the knowledge that he needs in order to do what he is passionate about which is being a Virtual Professional. His strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of communications makes him a valuable contributor to any situation or team.

  • Marita Santander
    Marita Santander Gen. Virtual Professional

    Jaymar Villamor the “Mr. Effective and Productive VA” is a very hardworking and focus person. He is determined to accomplish all of his tasks with the best possible results and prides himself on being flexible with client needs. He always brings the same enthusiasm and passion to his work and to his family as well. He is really a great help for all entrepreneur who needed help for their business.

Don’t wait for the opportunity, Create it.

Meet the Rockstar Freelancer

A Self-Motivated and very dedicated when it comes to work. Well-organized and task driven person. 

Hi I would like to say, Thank You So Much for spending time to visit me here on my site.  I am Jaymar Villamor a.k.a “Rockerjay”. I am a Christian, Virtual Professional based here in the Philippines.  at the young age, I started to build my online career and till now I am happy to help & serve startup, small business  owners & entrepreneurs to build momentum to their business through success.

I’d been working with different Business owners with different company categories including, accounting & Auditing firm, Real estate, Beauty & Cosmetics, and others. You and your company can rely on me to make sure that your business is effectively and produce more productivity working even if you are away. I know your business demand and I can help you to

  • Finding your perfect market niche
  • Building your online presence through social media
  • Increasing your brand awareness through ensuring fan growth, interactions and engagement on your social media channels
  • Creating Email Campaign/Setting an automate autopilot using Email Software like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse etc.
  • Creating Optin-page, Landing page that can use for lead generation and FB Ads Campaign
  • Building a Website for your business to present to your potential customers

Why I’m the perfect solution for your business needs?

I understand it can be daunting to hand over your clients’ work to another Virtual Assistant, particularly when you’ve been working independently for some time. But if your strategy is to grow your business, you can’t do it alone.

You never have to worry about unmet deadlines, time spent in looking for new strategies, uncooperative, and unresponsive virtual professional. If you’re passionate uncovering all the ways to drive awareness, engagement and loyalty on your business. You are in the right place! Please send me an email using the contact button below, or directly email me at

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