Creating Facebook Ads for Makeup Niche Giveaway Contest [CASE STUDIES]

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If you are a new brand and you’re planning to increase your brand awareness and exposures, then you must try to run a facebook contest. Yes, I said running a facebook contest is a good idea for you to increase your brand exposure.

My wife ask me for some help to work with her facebook fan page which is related on the beauty niche and has only 50 likes.

So.. I am thinking. One thing is, I am not really a fan of makeup, or such beauty products, but yes, I helped her. I told her, let’s have a Free Giveaway that will run on facebook, which means we will offer a beauty product which is a “Makeup Brush” that are not too expensive, but the product is branded and my wife say’s all ladies can recognize it. so I agree.

Also, I suggested to make a mechanics on how to join the Giveaway contest.  which is these steps


Next is I made a plan and do research with the specific targets, demographics and behaviors to target with this Giveaway contest.

I had run 2 different kind of Ads.

  1.  I run a Post Engagement Ads through Power Editor with a different target
  2.  I boosted the Giveaway posts with also a different target

so its looks like an A/B testing right? and I made these 2 ads on feb. 10 evening time and we need to announce the 2 lucky winners on feb. 12,  meaning we don’t have enough time to promote the giveaway.

Feb. 12, 7 PM i stopped the 2 ads and I was surprised with the results.


To be honest, there is hundred of peoples who joined the giveaway contest, but these 43 subscribers followed the mechanics well. I have to put an email opt-in or a web form for their entries, but the rest are not follow it and they did just like the page, comment on post and that’s all. so sad to say, they are not qualified.

and because of the 2 ads running together, we got 100+ of likes, engagements and reach.


What is the most effective Ads between the 2 ads?

Well, those 2 Ads are effective and they really bring a good feedback and results. as a matter of fact, here’s the 2 days cost/damage.


If i convert it to $$, it will cost you for $2.00 and $.05. Yes that’s the cost of my 2 ads that brings a good results to our Giveaway contest. Does it make sense?

Tools i used:

If you’re planning to run facebook ads, you need to do a deep research and learn to know your right targets. This the reason why others are failing in running ads because they targeted the wrong audience, so facebook keep their Ads appearing to the wrong audiences.

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