How to get massive sales for a Newbie Shopify Owner

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I start with a Think

At early month of March was thinking for a change… All of us wants to have a freedom to work and own a profitable online business, either you sell digital products, services or E-commerce.

Its been a big challenge for me to start my own shopify store and to get traffics and sales. been doing some searching for right strategies, been also joining with different groups that related to Ecom and i found one thing….

You need to test different products just to know what to sell and an audience that will buy on it.


2 types of Store Niches

There’s a 2 types of niches that need to think first before to launch your store. A General and a Niche Store.  On my own opinion, a general store sells general products, either you sell a phone case, a dog sweater or a mags. A niche store is only focus on your niche. Let say you are on a Dog Niche, so you need to sell dog products like dog training kit, dog costumes, dog kits, etc.

It is really important to make a blueprint for your business, so I decided to choose a Niche store that focus on Dogs. and my targets are not a normal Dog Lovers, but a Passionate Dog Lovers/Owners that are willing to invest for their Dogs.

Building Your Store

I know that shopify platform is really good use than Woocommerce, so I use the 30 day trial of shopify.  here is the link for 30 day trial  I build my store for just 7 days.


Product Source

After that, I need to find products to sell on my store. so  I go to Aliexpress is perfect for dropshipping business. All of the Successful Ecom owner used this.

I found a lot of products that I can sell, but on aliexpress there’s an option to see the best selling one and a vendor that has a good record and great to work with.

moving on…

I already set up my store and my 30 day trials are coming to end, so i subscribe to the basic plan of shopify and published my store!

2 days laters. . . I don’t have any traffics, yes i have. but i can count it on my fingers. so I decide to use facebook Ads to be the main traffic source of my store.

Right targeting is equal to $ale!

Some of the new shopify owner doesn’t know how to use facebook Ad and don’t know how to target the right audience for their promoting products.

It is really important that you know the custom avatar of your potential customer. Maybe you know his interest, or maybe you know, where’s she/he always hangout.

Moving on . . .

I run 3 Ads just for testing. I choose Website Conversion and my daily budget is $5 for each campaign and focusing for View Content.  for the 1st day, i got …… no sales 😀 but have good traffics..

2nd day i got … no sales, but I got 2 add to cart and the 3rd day I got 2 sales! 😀 and when you got sales you can hear the sounds like “Kaching” by shopify 😀 hahaha..

Moving on…

I scale and scale and scale those campaigns and now here’s what I got for the first month.



I show you this screenshot because I want you to realize that you can leave your 9-5 Job and start your own online business!


The Secret Sauce?

There’s no Magic or Instant thing! You need to invest not only for the money, but for your time to make it happen!


If you have questions, feel free to ask me and leave a comment below.


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    This is a nice article on how to get freedom from our 9 to 5 job and to have FREEDOM…Keep it up, Brother Jay. Hope to see more inspiring article like this.

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