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Am I capable to run a business? Do I have the resources and knowledge to launch a business? These are some questions of those entrepreneurs who have running a successful business today. What was that means? It means that your questions was given all the solutions.


Think for a perfect niche, products and the perfect market that will buy your services, product, etc.

Defining your Niche – is the topic that you’ll focus on. It can be a problem you’ll solve or a love or passion for something. (e.g. parenting, online marketing, relationships)

Defining your Market – is the sub-group of people you’ll specifically serve. (e.g. stay at home moms, OFWs, bloggers)


Profitable business Ideas list

Here are some profitable business ideas that you may think to start.

  • Companies Management and Enterprises
  • Accounting Tax Preparation
  • Automotive Rental and Leasing
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Legal Services
  • Dentist Office
  • Real Estate Lessors
  • Technical Consulting
  • Design Services (Web/Graphic)
  • Administrative Services


Define Entrepreneurship?

Based on Wikipedia Entrepreneurship is traditionally been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire, and the people who do so are called ‘Entrepreneurs’.

All of the big industries, companies and business today start’s with dreaming, thinking, analyzing, writing, investing, and taking action. What I am trying to say is each of us need to take action. You always want to have a good life, financially free, and running a good business, but you didn’t take action.


Always need to take action!

Based on the bible at James 2:14-26 “Faith without action is dead”. Same on the business. If you didn’t take action to launch a business it’s all useless. Yes you have a positive mindset, financially resources, but the problem is you didn’t step up and take action to make it started.

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Today, all of the resources we need is now on the internet. Just do a research, listening to a podcast, watching educational videos, join a membership program, get a mentor, plan your business, think for your niche, your target market, and launch your business.

“All things are possible, if we always take action”.

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