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Online survey is one of the tools that helps for finding leads for a business. by means of online survey can hear your audience or customers needed.

Aside from that, a survey is a methodology studies the sampling of individual units from a population and the associated survey data collection technique.

Let say If you are a Physical fitness guru and you want to want to target the perfect target for your niche, you can use the online survey for asking your audience regarding to their health problems. after that, it is easy to you to give an advice or even make a program that can solve their problem.



I remember, way back June 17, 2014 I made a slides tutorial on how to make a survey for your business . That was a long time ago and like what I did on that day, I will show you on how to make a Online survey using the free tool called “Google Form”.

but before that, let us find out what are the some advantages of using an Online Survey.

  • Online Survey is much Faster
  • Online Survey is Cheaper and it has a Free version
  • Online Survey is more accurate
  • It is quick to analyse
  • It is easy to use by Participant/Audience
  • It is easy to Customize
  • and It is very informative

Steps for you to Start

First to remember, Google form is associated with Gmail. meaning you need to have a gmail account first before you can use this awesome tool.

Sign for your Gmail account here 

After that sign in to your Gmail account. Click the “Square” Icon



And click the Google Drive icon.



After that click the “New” button on the upper left side.




After that, click “more” and choose “Google forms”.



Give a Title and description for your Form




Now, Add a Question




Choose an option on how your participants can answer it.



For adding a question, click the “+” icon.



If you want to add a video to your form, click the “video icon”.




If you are satisfied with your online survey, you can share it through email. Click “send” first.




You can even share your online survey through link.



finally we’re done and I know that you feel that is easy to make an online survey, right? but because i care for you, I made a short video tutorial for making this steps live.  Here is the video:


Here’s the shareable google form link from the actual video:


Hopefully you learn something new today and I would be happy to know your thoughts about this tutorial. Please leave a comment below and I will reply to all of your questions. Thank you.


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