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Sell my Place Quick

Need to sell your place, home, property quickly? If you are located at Cartersville, Calhoun to Dalton and anywhere in between then you can go at Sell My Place Quick owned by one of my good friend Joey English.


Sell My Place quick, buy houses and mobile homes.  They buy, sell and rent homes in Gordon and surrounding counties. If you’re struggled with behind payments, property problem and landlording, then check out Sell my place quick today.

I’ve been referred with Joey by one of my good friend and Real Estate Investor Jonathan Rexford. I’ve been previously worked with Jonathan Rexford Website and Social media stuff wayback 2016.


Joey EnglishJoey and I got connected through facebook and we talked about things about sell my place quick website. This is not my first time to work and do edits for his website. I’ve worked with the first edit before and add some google features like Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and others.

I’m not the original developer of his website, but I’m blessed to worked with him and be part with sell my place quick.


Analyzing the Problem first

Joey is working with a marketing advertising girl and suggested to change somethings on the website to reduce the bounce rate.

bounce rate

The main problem here is the “bounce rate”. This is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Like i mentioned, we already installed google analytics before and google analytics can track your visitors daily and also your site bounce rate.


Here some reason of a higher bounce rate:

  • Slow page load times
  • Offers and intrusive pop-up advertisements
  • Website visitor seeing something and unrelated to what they came for
  • Lot of low quality content that’s hard to understand.
  • Ugly web pages and contents hard to read
  • Too much animation on the background
  • Un-mobile responsive
  • Lack of Call to action
  • Wrong audience visitors
  • And more


We worked on these solution:

First, I analyze the site speed through Web Page test and work with the problems.

I worked with cache, and manually removed all the images, reduced files and re-upload it again on the website. Next, we removed the video banner on the homepage and place it on the second section that says “Have a house to sell”.

We fixed the header menu background color and put Joey and Ashley picture at the left side.  Aside from that, we also rearranged the contents from behind payments, property problem, and hate landlording and placed it to each specific section and add a button that will directly scroll down to contact form below.

Web page test result for Sell my place quick: Click here



Sell my place quick doesn’t have a footer before. For me, footer part is also an opportunity to promote your things and talk about more your brand.

We also added a blog page/post, hence he can publish his own post. 

I love the passion of joey in making blog post.  You can read his other interesting blog posts on his other website on Cash flow with Joe 

We add Pop-up form that will pop-up or appear after 10 seconds. This form will ask visitors who would like to sell their property quick. Great points for getting leads, but not irritating others, right? 🙂



Sneak peek:

This is just a preview of what I’ve been done with sell my place quick. but I believe there’s more between me and joey soon. Besides, he has another website, that really needs to develop. Like i said, it’s been a pleasure to worked with this guy.



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I would love to know your thoughts, feel free to comment below.


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