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Url or links are very important for publishing an articles, blogs and branding. Some marketers made a mistakes when they published an article that have a very long, ugly, not memorable, look spammy and often blacklisted link.

let say for example “” That is too long right and can’t easily remember.

Way back August 14,2014. I published a tutorial blog on how to use bitly for shortening and tracking link. bitly is very know as the tops shorten link app or tool that many marketers uses today.

but today, I discovered a new app that can also help each of us for shortening our blog posts and share branded short links.

Rebrandly is the easiest way to create and share short links with your custom domain name. it allows you  to make and  register a custom domain for your business, company branding. 

What is a branded link?

A branded link is simply a short link – a shorter version of a URL you want to share online (especially on services like Twitter with very strict character limits).

To introduce Rebrandly. I made a step by step tutorial on how you can use this amazing tool for branding your business.

Check this out:

Aside from making a step by step tutorial, I also made an actual video to show you how to use this tool. I decided to use the permalink of this post which is “” and use rebrandly to shorten it.

Watch the video:

Rebrandly shorten link for this post:

So what are you waiting for? visit Rebrandly today and start to shorten your link! I  hope this post helps you a lot.


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